Greenpath Ventures

Camp Jojo – fully accessible camping

We will be camping on Mersea Island with a group of fantastic families who have children with complex needs.

Parenting a child with complex needs is a huge challenge and presents many limitations. We dream of overcoming these barriers to strengthen family relationships and create lasting memories; sleeping under canvas, bushcraft, relaxing and cooking around the campfire.

Toasting Marshmallows by the fire.

Toasting Marshmallows by the fire.

During the camp, on a beautiful farm on Mersea Island, we will use tents containing hoists, a mobile ‘changing places’, and skilled carers to give each family a memorable and relaxing holiday. Providing everyone, including wheelchair dependent children, full access to a truly rural camping experience.

This is a long-held dream of our Trustees at Greenpath Ventures. Tim Wright is a local GP and his wife, Rachel is an author, disability activist and public speaker. Their eldest son has severe and complex disabilities. They both love the outdoors and take their sons wild camping but it is an experience many of their peers never get the opportunity to enjoy. Tim and Rachel would love to see other families creating wonderful life-giving memories, without the need for it to be an endurance event. Their family life gives them a high level of expertise resulting in this detailed, bespoke project specifically designed for families with children who are often left out because it is simply deemed too difficult.


We anticipate this project to be the first of many. We hope to learn from this ‘pilot’ camping experience, collecting detailed feedback with the expectation it will develop into an annual or biannual event with the potential to impact a large number of families.



Jojo’s mum Chris has joined with Greenpath committee members to bring together Camp Jojo. She says:

“Jojo was a joyful, lively boy with a great smile and sense of humour, who adored to be outside and in nature, and loved wind, rain and snow! I think he would have so loved camping, but as his mum I was daunted and overwhelmed by the need for hoist, wheelchair, oxygen supplies, gastrostomy equipment, medical bed and medications, as well as the usual camping equipment, so we never did it.

Now we want to give other ‘Jojos’ and their families a chance to enjoy the outdoors and make happy camping memories together, helped by volunteers and carers, and in a relaxed, stress free time for parents and children. They can turn up to a camping site already set up for their needs, where fun, games, animals, bushcraft activities and food are all laid on. I can see Jojo s delight in all that in my mind’s eye!!”



If you would like to support this project, or get involved in anyway. Please contact us here.