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John Wills – Senior instructor

John Wills Won!

Our manager, John Wills won the Directory of Social Change (DCS) Life Time Achievement Award. This is a national award for ‘individuals who have made a major impact on their organisation/community and have devoted their time and energy to achieving sustained positive change over the span of their working life’.

John tends to keep his hard work and many talents quiet but we think he really deserved this award. Check out the awards here:

dsc awards

John is a fully trained bushcraft and woodcraft instructor, gaining his instructors qualification at Plumpton College, East Sussex. John’s desire to increase his knowledge has driven him to continue to learn survival skills in the Arctic, Amazon and Sahara desert.

As an instructor John has worked with a wide range of people from the very young to people in their 90’s. He works a great deal with local schools and organisations that support adults with mental health issues.

John Wills

Prior to taking up the post of manager at GV, he worked as manager and facilitator at the charity HEAL for 9 years, working with adult survivors of childhood abuse.

John’s skills and qualifications include;

  • Bushcraft Instructor
  • Team Management
  • Counselling
  • Psychotherapy
  • First Aid
  • Sport Instruction
  • Expedition Leadership
  • Teaching